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Mainely by Carr

Hand Carved Cedar Santa Claus Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

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Hand Carved, Hand painted Cedar Santa sticks are very unusual.  A thin piece of cedar is carved to resemble a hat, pompom and face.  The beard is created from the nature appearance of the cedar wood.  Knot holes are a bonus, but not always available.  Cedar Santa Ornament  measures 6 to 10" tall. The ornaments has been created from cedar grown in Maine. 

 Each hand carved ornaments is totally uniquely created just for you.  Although they are created with the same idea in mind, no two are  exactly the same, each carving takes on it own personality making it a true "one of a kind" piece of art.  Hanging ornaments are perfect for your Christmas displaces - trees, garlands, tiered tray , ornament tree, wreaths or in a grouping on a small table or mantle. An entire tree decorated with this style ornament looks amazing!!!  If you are interested in a large quantity of Cedar Santa, please email me for a bulk price.  

Each ornament comes with an eye hook at the top of easy hanging.   Once the ornament as been expertly carved and hand painted, it is preserved with a thin coat of seal to help preserve it for years to come. 

Note: the length and width of the ornament will NOT be exact nor will its appearance be exactly like the picture. The size is determined by the piece of wood.  Every one has it own personality!

Hand carved ornaments are great for you or as special gifts for family, friends and neighbors.  They also make the perfect little gift for teachers and Santa collectors and as a decoration of a package or gift bag.  They look charming on a Christmas tree, in a garland, hanging from an ornament stand.