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Every person is unique, so why would you want the same décor everyone else has? If you want to bring a more personalized look into your décor, turn to Mainely By Carr. We create handmade wood carvings and ornaments in Dixfield, ME.

3 benefits of buying handmade

Are you wondering if handmade items are really better than their mass-produced counterparts? Well, handmade items have many benefits, such as being:

  1. Better for the environment and local economy
  2. Personalized to make sure they're exactly what you want
  3. Carefully made by a skilled craftsman, so they'll withstand the test of time
Don't wait to go handmade. Shop our collection of wood carvings and ornaments right away.

Why shop with
Mainely by Carr?

Finding beautiful and durable handmade items doesn't have to be a challenge. Our team has been using the utmost precision and attention to detail to create our products for over 20 years. Everything at our shop is handmade, so no two items are exactly the same.

We even personalize ornaments FOR FREE to make them more special for you and your loved ones. To learn more about our company or products, explore the website and have fun shopping. If you do have questions, refer to the FAQ page.

About Us

Dear Mainely by Carr Family,

Mainely by Carr started as a family run wholesale business over 20 years ago. My mother, Dawn, my father, Ed, and I, supplied the former Christmas Spirit Shop in Bar Harbor, Maine. We quickly became their "number 1" artisans in sales and product volume. Sadly, Mom passed away in 2018. Dad, now at 89, still does all of the wood cutting for the ornaments as well as many of the wood carvings. I am a lifelong artisan, retired middle school teacher, and now devote more time to the things I love.

My father and I look forward to getting to know all of you through the process of personalizing ornaments for you and your loved ones.

~ Nancy