How do I contact the company for customer service?

     The best way to contact Nancy for Customer Service is by emailing her website line or typing the following address into the email line: mainelybycarr@gmail.com

Will the handwriting always be exactly the same?

           The handwriting will be in ALL CAPS and the color will be either black or white depending on which will show up better on that part of the wooden piece.  However, handwriting may different slightly as more than one person completes the personalization for the company.

How long does shipping take?

     All ornaments ship from the office within 7 to 10 business days unless another time frame is discussed with the customer (i.e. custom orders)

Do you have a physical store we can come into to shop?

     We do not have a physical store to shop in, but we have all products available on our website  www.mainelybycarr.com

Are all ornaments exactly the same?

     All carvings are ONE OF A KIND pieces.  They may have similar features as another carving, but will not be exactly the same.  All wooden pieces are hand-painted individually and will have minor unique features.

Are all ornaments hand-crafted?

     YES 100% of the products are hand crafted/produced by Nancy and Ed Carr.

Can I exchange my personalized ornament?

     ALL sales are FINAL due to the one of a kind nature of the carvings & personalization.  The only exception would be if there was a grammatical or spelling error on the company's side and it did not match what YOU entered.

How much does personalization cost?

     All personalization is FREE

What are the ornaments made out of?

     All ornaments from Mainely by Carr are wooden, scallop shells, and slate chips.  The only pieces that are added on to the ornaments that aren't wooden, but are still hand-crafted are the SANTA HEADS, MALE/FEMAIL HEADS & CHRISTMAS BEAR HEADS

Who makes the ornaments?

     Nancy Carr, Artisian and Owner of Mainely by Carr & her father, Ed Carr who is 91 years old.