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Mainely by Carr

Bass Harbor Lighthouse Hand Painted on a Scallop Shell

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Bass Harbor Lighthouse hand painted on a scallop shell.  This lighthouse is located in Tremont, Maine: it's part of Acadia Nation Park and the only lighthouse on Mt. Desert Island.  It's very popular tourist location where guests can follow the path down to the water's edge and look up at the lighthouse.   The most unique part of the scene is the color of the  granite rocks. They are a golden yellow/salmon color 

Refer to the second picture for name placement on the shell.

Scallop shells vary in size and shape.  They are harvested from the ocean and have gone through years of wear.  Scallop well will be flat at the top where they were originally hinged and round on the other size or fan shaped.  They'll be approximately 3 inches in diameter.  Some shells with a well curved edge where others maybe slightly jagged.  Although they have been well cleaned, they remain as they were in the ocean.  The back side or "outside of the shell has ridges and may also hav barnacles I will not paint or seal the outside/back side of the design but rather I will leave it in it's natural state and color.  Typically they are either off- white, pink or a light rust red color.  

After the shells has been hand painted, there are lightly sealed to protect the surface paint.  All shells will come with a ribbon at the top for easy hanging.  

Scallop Shell make wonder additions to your Christmas tree, ornament collection, hanging on your office bulletin board or as a gift.  They are small enough to slip in an envelop for birthday, get well or just because gifting.